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Services Provided by Our Condominium Unit


Register the condominium administrator with the Malta land registry.
Transfer utility bills.
Keep all the meeting minutes.

Offer an insurance policy to protect the condominium parts.

Keep a record of all Bank statements, receipts and other paperwork related.

Ensure that all proprietors adhere to the rules and regulations.

Set up a meeting to discuss costs, contributions and concerns recommending a money fund enough to cover expenses.

Fix a notice board in the condominium area and fix notices with the relative dates.

Oversee ongoing work and conduct regular inspections to ensure smooth progress within designated time frames.
Address any concerns or issues raised by the condominium residents by liaising with legal representatives or insurance providers as required.

Interior Design for Condominiums.
Cleaning, Landscaping and Maintenance.

Offer a Legal condominium consultancy.
Act as the representative for the condominium in any court proceedings as mandated by legal requirements.

Propose and execute a conservation plan for your building incorporating an energy-saving program.

Elevating your Community Living 

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